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Our PuppyPads™ are designed to be chew resistant.

You will find that they are much more resilient to frequent chewing than other pads out there, especially the disposable pads.

The soft material and distinct pattern help your dog to recognize the pad but some training may be required for your dog to know to use the pee pad. 

If your dog is still a puppy, there are various methods to train her to use the pads.

The most common method is to anticipate when the puppy will need to potty (normally 5-20 minutes after a meal) and place her on the pad when she needs to go. After she does the potty on the pad successfully, reward her with a treat and use positive verbal cues.

It's best to keep the pad in the corner of a room where your puppy will be comfortable.

After a couple of times, your puppy should know to use the pad by herself! 

Yes! They can be used to help potty train cats, line crates, or for use with other animals