10% of profits goes to animal charities

Growing up in a pet-friendly environment since young, I've have always thought we should all treat pets and animals with tender loving care, and there are no pets out there suffering without shelter or food. Well, I've have never been more wrong.

Through ThePetMinistry, we aim to donate 10% of profits to animal charities and shelters to help animals in need. Most of these shelters are NGOs, which receive minimal to no government support and they rely primarily on donations from us to stay afloat.

One of the animal shelters are donating to is called Amicii Dog Rescue.

Amicii Dog Rescue is an UK based charity saving stray dogs from Romania. Their shelter cares for up to 200 stray dogs and they are massively counting on our donations. The ladies running the NGO are simply inspiring and you can go to their website here to read about their inspiring stories!